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OUr Mission

Right-wing officials fought for the Supreme Court
to block student debt relief.

So We're taking action.

More than 45 million Americans are crushed under the weight of the $1.7 trillion student debt crisis. It’s a crisis affecting every aspect of their lives, from buying homes to choosing careers, starting families to saving for retirement. 


Prior to the pandemic, 1 million borrowers defaulted on their student loans every year—a default every 26 seconds. For every 2 borrowers that pay off their loans in 12 years, 3 owe more than they originally borrowed. It’s a debt trap, an unjust and broken system by design. 


In August 2022, President Biden announced a bold, historic action to cancel up to $20,000 of student loan debt for working- and middle-class borrowers. Right-wing special interests immediately challenged this life-changing program in court and Congressional Republicans became accomplices, voting twice to deny their own constituents this needed economic relief, and formally calling on the Supreme Court to strike it down. 


Not only are these far-right Republican Members of Congress actively working to inflict economic hurt and harm on working families across their districts, they are attacking a policy that is broadly popular. A majority of Americans of all ages, races, political parties, and economic backgrounds support student debt relief. 


By striking down President Biden’s debt relief program, the Supreme Court has once again sided with partisan politicians and right-wing special interests over everyday people. 


They think they have won. We have other plans. 

Protect Borrowers Action is fighting back.

Protect Borrowers Action is targeting 13 members of Congress who worked to undermine this life-changing relief, making sure they hear from the constituents they schemed to keep drowning in student debt.  


People with student debt are powerful. We are working to educate constituents on the actions their elected officials have taken to actively push debt relief out of reach. By lifting up the voices of 45 million student loan borrowers, we are demanding officials build an economy that works for all of us.

Who We Are

Protect Borrowers Action is led by the advocates and strategists who built the movement to deliver life-changing relief for the millions of Americans crushed by the burden of student debt. 


“Working people burdened with student debt are mad as hell over the hypocrisy of treating conservative billionaires one way and those striving for the middle class another. Right-wing politicians need to hear loud and clear that when they put the interests of conservative billionaires above the financial welfare of their own constituents, they will be held accountable. Protect Borrowers Action will educate and empower voters with the knowledge necessary to do just that. Gone are the days where politicians get a pass for being complicit in the student debt crisis plaguing our communities.” Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers, which is supporting this effort.

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