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For Immediate Release: December 7, 2023 
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Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressional Republicans voted to repeal President Biden’s Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) Plan– the most affordable student loan repayment plan available for low-income borrowers struggling under the crushing burden of student debt. As of last month, more than 5 million borrowers across the country had enrolled in the SAVE Plan in order to better afford their monthly student loan payments. Today’s vote follows months of relentless attacks on student loan borrowers and their families, including successful efforts to push the Supreme Court to repeal President Biden’s debt relief program and keep millions of borrowers drowning in student debt. 

In response, Aissa Canchola Banez, Political Director of Protect Borrowers Action, issued the following statement:

“As millions of borrowers and their families are feeling the squeeze with student loan bills due for the first time in three years, Congressional Republicans are continuing their cruel mission to drive working families further into debt. Earlier this year, Congressional Republicans applauded as they convinced the Supreme Court to block debt relief, effectively obliterating the chance for millions to be freed from the crushing weight of their student debt. And today, they voted to make student debt even more expensive for folks struggling to make ends meet.”

“Congressional Republicans are convinced that their own constituents are not paying attention to their ongoing efforts to keep them drowning in student loan debt. They couldn’t be more wrong.” 

A total of 208 Republicans voted to force workers and families to pay more on their monthly student loan bills by repealing President Biden’s SAVE Plan—including every single right-wing official who fought hardest to block student debt relief. 

This vote was also unnecessary—Senate Republicans failed to win majority support for the same measure in a vote earlier this month. House Republican leadership brought this resolution to the floor as a performance for billionaire donors and other special interests that oppose student debt relief, even though House Republicans knew it could not become law.

The table below shows the number of constituents who already enrolled in SAVE and who would immediately be forced to pay more on their student debt as a result of these officials’ efforts to repeal the SAVE Plan. Millions of additional borrowers would also be denied access to this important protection in the future.   


House Member - Number of constituents forced to pay more on monthly student loan bills 
Kevin Kiley (R, CA-03) - 6,900
Mike Garcia (R, CA-27) - 7,700
Ken Calvert (R, CA-41) - 7,300
Michelle Steel (R, CA-45) - 5,300
Lauren Boebert (R, CO-03) - 11,800
John James (R, MI-10) - 14,000
Don Bacon (R, NE-02) - 11,000
Nick LaLota (R, NY-01)  - 8,000
Anthony D’Esposito (R, NY-04) - 9,100
Mike Lawler (R, NY-17) - 7,300
Brandon Williams (R, NY-22) - 12,900
Lori Chavez-DeRemer (R, OR-05) - 9,700
Scott Perry (R, PA-10) - 12,200



About Protect Borrowers Action
Protect Borrowers Action educates, activates, and mobilizes Americans with student debt to hold right-wing officials accountable for their efforts to deny borrowers life-changing relief and keep them drowning in student debt. PBA is a fiscally sponsored project of Fund for a Better Future, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization. 

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